4 cm poliüretan cephe paneli

4 Cm Poliüretan

PU Sandviç Panel


“500 m² Üzeri


13,5 $ + KDV /m²

5 cm polistren eps cephe sandvic paneli

5 Cm Polistren

EPS Sandviç Panel


“500 m² Üzeri


13 $ + KDV / m²

5 Cm Taşyünü

Sandviç Panel


“500 m² Üzeri


17. 2 $ + KDV / m²

5 cm taşyünü çatı paneli

5 Cm Taşyünü

Sandviç Panel


“500 m² Üzeri


18 $ + KDV / m²

ucuz sandviç panel


 What is PU sandwich panel


The PU sandwich panel is a panel used as covering consisting of an insulating core material with inner and outer matel skins. The panels are widely used for freezer, warehouses, factories, laboratories and houses.
Features of Polyurethane Panels
 Outstanding fineness and insulating efficiency
 Water and noise free
 Easy installation, moving and dismantle
 Good appearance and bolt free

Physical Properties of Polyurethane:


Physical Property


Physical Property

Polyurethane Sandwich Panel

Polyurethane foam sandwich panel is fit for the projects which have serious require of keeping warm. Polyurethane core material is considered to the best material in keeping warm and thermal insulation.
The Polyurethane block material become steady after it froth, then combining with metal plates. The characteristics of this technique are: the polyurethane froth, after this chemical reaction is stable, we cut the polyurethane into pieces which with different thickness. The polyurethane sheet material has stable physical performance, it can combine with pre-painted hot galvanized steel sheets or stainless steel sheet, the surface is smooth and the whole performance is excellent.

Product Characteristics:

1. Polyurethane foam sandwich panel (the abbreviation of Polyurethane is PU sandwich panel) have characteristics of high load intensity, small water-absorptive, and the stability in either low temperature or the high temperature is good, the service life is long, thermal insulation performance is outstanding and so on.
 2. Good supporting, heat resistant, sound-insulated, sound absorption, light quality, non-toxic, odorless, green environmental protection.
3. Polyurethane foam sandwich panel can cementation with the steel plates, the cements, the fiberboards, the bricks and many kinds of materials very strongly, in usual situation, it would not fall off and still strengthen its thermal insulation and waterproofing effects.
4. The unique produce foaming craft made the products have exquisite and even abscesses, the Thermal conductivity is low, the size stability is good, is very suitable for both of the low pressure and the high pressure construction.
5. Polyurethane foam plastics thermal stability is quite good, when the temperature is lower than 1 20, the volume and the intensity have no obvious change, its Thermal conductivity is small, when the density is 0.03kg/m3, the heat conductivity is only 63J(m.h.k)(15cal/m.h.k).


Surface of Panels: to be plating 0.4mm, 0.5mm or 0.6mm thickness pre-painted hot galvanized steel sheet or stainless steel sheet.

Panel Thickness: 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 1 20mm, 150mm,  200mm


It can be widely used as structural materials and heatproof materials in petroleum industry, chemical industry, construction, packing, refrigeration, military industry, space industry, aviation, transportation and industrial model design and other various aspects.

Compressive Strength


Sandwich panels, which is being used widely in many countries in the world and is known as the product of the  2000 s, is successfully used in all kinds of industrial, agricultural and military structures, cold storage houses, garages, hangars, sports facilities, homes and all kinds of wide areas as roofing and cladding applications, room dividing walls and flooring applications

Atermit Isopanel is produced from EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) or rock wool filler materials which are known to be non-ignitable and are used for heat and noise insulation. Atermit Isopanel alone combines qualities such as temperature and noise insulation, lightness and durability due to its structure. Sandwich panels can be produced in all desired sizes and thicknesses and its length can be adjusted easily according to the needs. Sandwich panels can be easily transported, stored and painted in any color desired.

Guaranteeing inseparability for 15 years, Atermit Isopanel shows that it is the best quality among sandwich panels in Turkey and is therefore distinctive.



Can be produced with natural aluminium, pre-painted aluminium and pre-painted galvanised steel. Pre-painted metals are coated with film for extra protection until installation. Core can be expanded polystyrene (B-1 Grade non-ignitable) or rock wool. Environmentally friendly. Does not contain CFC s or HCFC s. Supports air pollution prevention. Does not produce poisonous gasses if burnt. Produced on continuous line technology. Therefore, at any desired length and thickness. Is lighter compared to standard roofing materials. It is transported, mounted and demounted easily. Creates dry and healthy environments, suits food production regulations.   


Poliürethane Insulated Panels are composite roof and wall claddings, with rigid expanded polyurethane formed with the result of chemical reaction of Polyol and isocyanate components, and injected between two corrugated sheets. According to the type of the product, top and bottom sheets can be selected as; Aluminum, Galvanized steel, or PVC membrane

These panels provide aesthetic thermal and weather insulation solutions to the exterior shells of the buildings, and have a diverse range of application at industrial, social, agricultural buildings, factories, swimming and sports halls, grain silos, hipermarkets, malls, dwelling units and army installations.

B 2 fire resistance class polyurethane is injected between the sheets with a special spray system. With the transfer of the panel to the press oven, chemical reaction
and adhesion of polyurethane to the sheet layers are completed and the composite panel form is achieved.

-Poliürathane panels are environmentally friendly products because the poliurethane is activated by pentan gas.
With trapezoidally corrugated metal surfaces, panels provide high load bearing capacities, and due to the lightness of panels , structural system costs are reduced..
With means of fast erection, workmanship and time is reduced .

- Are not effected by heat differences.
- With dosed cell structure and metal sheet surfaces, water can not penetrate into the body of the panels, can be
used safely.
- Does not generate or shelter bacterias.
- Does not dust
- Long life time

MINERAL ROCK WOOL INSULATED ROOF SANDWICH PANEL Mineral Wool Panels are preferred for buildings with high fire safety regulations, such as flammable material storage houses. With metal outer sheet and mineral wool insulation core (Fire Resistance Class A, according to DIN), a composite fire resistant system is obtained.
Besides fire resistance, these panels providing high sound and thermal insulation are environmentally clean and free of harmful substances.

Mineral wool filling is sliced in full automatic production line, fibres brought into vertical position to improve panel load bearing capacity, and placed in panels insuring to fill the corrugations


-190 - 200

Bending Strength

 2 - 2.5kg/cm 2

Thermal Conductivity


PU Sandwich Panel Sample: ame: Hidden Joint Roof Sandwich Panel  

Sandwich Panels

Aluminium Sheets

Galvanize Sheets


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