Polyurethane insulated panels, polyols and isocyanates to form between two surfaces from given two components was injected as a result of chemical reactions polyurethane rigid foam insulated composite roofing and cladding are . Polyurethane panels used in the upper and lower surfaces of the product according to the type -coated galvanized steel , aluminum, kraft paper, or only the top surface of PVC or TPO membrane olabilmektedir.kesintisiz panel production line , the metal rolls, the roll- former are the shaping panel upper and lower surfaces of the composition. Formed between the two surfaces is possible as special spray system homogenous B 2 or B3 is injected polyurethane . Polyurethane band complements the chemical reaction in the press , create composite panel is adhered to the surface plate . Including at least three meters in length dial to the desired lengths uninterrupted running concurrently with the help of flying saw is automatically cut , packed and is ready to be shipped .

Factories, industrial buildings, military structures, social structures, prefabricated buildings , sports facilities , swimming pools , construction site buildings , silos, hypermarkets, shopping malls, state buildings and dwellings such a wide field of use are . The outer shell of the insulated structure in an aesthetic manner would be solved .

Polyurethane thermal insulation material with good heat conductivity coefficient value ( = 0.0 23 W / mK) has . Using different insulation thicknesses according to regional conditions , environmental conditions needed olur.panel provided in an efficient manner , pentane production lines with polyurethane made ​​effective and environmentally friendly products.

Trapezlendiril thanks to the metal surface panels with high load carrying capacity , career saves the system for carriers because they are lighter .

1 Through the application of rapid labor and time saving.

 2 Affected by the temperature difference .

3 Thanks to the metal surface does not absorb water , can be used safely .

4 Does not produce bacteria and host .

5 Dust does not.

Long lasting.

Polyurethane chain of organic units joined by urethane links comprising a polymer. Flexible and rigid foams , elastomers, and high performance adhesives resistant synthetic fibers , gaskets, condoms, carpet underlay, and hard plastic parts are used . Flexible polyurethane foams , polyurethane foams , and known as bearings, are indispensable as starting materials in furniture comfort . If rigid foams are used in more heat and sound insulation . Polyurethane products are often referred to as urethanes . However, also known as ethyl carbamate to be confused with the specific substance urethane . Polyurethanes are made and it does not contain ethyl carbamate .

German scientist polyurethanes first synthesized in 1937 by Otto Bayer and diisocyanate , were obtained by reaction with diols . If there is water in the ambient portion of the diol and the diisocyanate polimerleşirk gas with a small portion of water (carbon dioxide) output by reaction of polyurethane porous structure ( foam or sponge structure) form . Ripening time (  24-7 2 hours ) at the end of a polymer structure is obtained quite firm . Later replaced with larger molecular weight diols , polyether or polyester polyol in the structure have been replaced. The thus formed polyurethane elastomer more flexible and creates a more robust .


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