Insulated panels , which are formalandırıl insulation core between two metal surfaces of the materials . First areas II. World War aircraft hangars and factories were as roofing and cladding of industrial buildings where high clarity . Expanded use of space along the course of time , have access to an increased variety and current position. Lightweight and durable that shortens the time of installation , depending on the heat insulating structure , sound , providing waterproofing and fire safety.


Insulation panels are available in all buildings should be covered and rapid implementation that requires large openings . Today, mainly industrial buildings, shopping centers, warehouses, gymnasiums and so on. It is used in buildings.


 Production process

Coating which allows the carriage of insulation panels manufactured from different metal materials. These galvanized steel in various design options, by aluminum or PVC or TPO membrane panels Type can be. Painted metal production; The amount requested, type in the desired color paint is made of lamisyo coilcoating we've carried Technique.

Before being applied here without metal rolls formlandırıl seamless transaction. Roll metal (galvanized steel or aluminum) Once dissolved, ready to paint the bottom surface becomes subjected After Chemical Processing cleared.

After baking the rolls Affiliate Terms metal as polyester or PVDF, rolls are wound together in the desired related visits throwing topcoat RAL colors to create photo First primed metal again fired plants.

Avoid damage during the installation process visit the outer surface of the painted metal shipping interior PVC film coating process is applied to the inner surface is coated as Optional.

Painted metal rolls through trapezoidal shape or takes the line of sandwich panels Roll-Formerca. Insulation material used in Depend panel Purpose Rockwool Insulation need to visit, glass wool or polyurethane can be.

polyrethane pur roof panels polyurethane pur wall panel ral 3009 red pur roof panel sandwich_panel_eps_polyurethane_rockwool_glasswool


  • 4cm PUR Panel
  • RAL 900 2


  • 5 cm Rockwool Panel
  • RAL 900 2


  • 6cm Polystrene EPS
  • RAL 900 2


  • 4 cm Glasswool
  • RAL 900 2
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