Daylights and Roof Lights Sandwich Panel Systems

Sandwich Panels Polycarbonate on the roof of our building - we used to call through the skylight system for trapezoidal sheet and Roof Light Sandwich Panels Polycarbonate , the company will get into your natural light from the sun and will protect your mobile lowering electricity costs to a minimum. No money for light !

Our company is a leader in the supply and distribution across Turkey is an expert in supply and installation of polycarbonate roof system. In our company you can find the entire product range on the GRP and polycarbonate skylight panels. But depending on the thickness of the glass pass light as heat insulation system that enables us to contain not reflect the sun's heat and resolve in a wide selection of structures. Open for dual shades for light diffusion and solar control are options in bronze and opal colors for Roof Light Sandwich Panels.

Industry experts, our company is developing leading edge technology and new IR Heat Block option gives more light and less heat. All products are manufactured to the highest quality in accordance with BS EN 9001:  2008 certified and fully supported with a 10 year warranty Sandwich Panels Polycarbonate. Range Roof Light Sandwich Panels


10mm double wall

1 2mm monolayer

16mm Triplewall

 25mm Fivewall

3 2mm Sevenwall

35mm Sevenwall Roof Light Sandwich Panels Polycarbonate

IR Heat Block

Visible light wavelengths to penetrate the panel while allowing Roof Light Sandwich Panels Polycarbonate IR Heat Block, multiwall heat conductive layer prevents the penetration through the near infra-red solar energy Sandwich Panels Polycarbonate. More light, less heat.

Dual Tints

The combination of roof light dual-colored multilayer sheets colored layer reduces solar heat gain by up to 50% and provides a softer scattered natural light. Double Color tones: Roof Light Sandwich Panels Polycarbonate Heatguard Opal, Opal Bronze.

Tints and colors

Polycarbonate plate light transmittance and solar control levels are available for a number of different hues. Clear, Bronze, Opal Color options provide opportunities for creative design! Standard tones.

Single layer roof light polycarbonate sheets are all sizes are available.

Roof Light Sandwich Panels Polycarbonate


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